Warehouse & Fulfillment

Fulfillment Services

As part of our added value services, KD Services offers to pick, pack and ship orders by unit, case or pallet across Canada and internationally.

”Quality is the best business plan” – John Lasserter of Pixar


Let’s talk information technology

KD Services offers a state of art warehouse management system (WMS) which serves as the backbone for our pick and pack processes. Our clients are granted access to our web portal giving their customer service and sales force the ability to create an order entry, track and trace all shipments in real-time, and maintain full traceability of each unit shipped all at their fingertips through their tablets and smartphones. KD Services also manages internally or through external suppliers all EDI communications between our clients, ourselves, and all point of sales.

” Sales go up and down, services stays forever”- Unknown

Let’s speak equipment

KD Services ensures that its infrastructure fulfills and meets the specific and innovative requirements of their client’s needs. All fulfillment zones are managed with technology ranging from intelligent conveyors, RF scan systems, case sealers, scales and many more features. All our equipment is focused on generating productivity while never hindering our customer’s service level of expectations.

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