Some answers, to our most commonly asked questions can be found here. Should your question remain unanswered please consult our “contact us” page.  

Sales department

Do you offer distribution services?

We are an established 3PL provider with 3 main activities centered on conformity work, packaging work and order fulfillment services. Our distribution department includes reception, storage, order fulfillment, transport, & reverse logistics management.

Do you manufacture packaging products?

We have affiliated ourselves with trusted partners enabling us to offer turnkey packaging services to our clients including supplying artwork, packaging components, labels, sleeves, etc.

Quality department

Do you treat DIN, NPN or OTC products?

We are fully accredited to accommodate the servicing of DIN/ NPN/OTC products.

Can you provide your most recent certificates & licenses?

All information regarding our licenses and certificates can be found on our Quality & conformity page.

Human resources department

Do you have any employment opportunities?

We are always seeking new talent to join our expanding team. If you think your profile corresponds to our values, and a position in a company in full growth motivates you, we accept applications at all times. Please refer to our careers page.

How can I submit my application?

You may send your cover letter & CV to the following address: [email protected] or apply directly to the posted positions on our career page. Our Human resource team will be happy to evaluate your profile. Please note, only retained candidates will be contacted.

IT department

Are you able to manage ASNs?

We currently manage the ASN for all principal retailers in Canada such as Jean Coutu, Shoppers, Holt Refrew, Saks, etc

Do you offer performance indicators?

We offer a multitude of applications and performance indicators to assist in the management through our web portal.

Client service department

What is the status of my order?

By logging into our web portal, you can access the application “shipment status” and search by order number. If you are still unable to find your order, you should contact the distribution department directly with your inquiry at [email protected].

What is the tracking number for this order ?

By logging into our web portal, you can access the application “shipment status” and search by order number. Make sure the status of your order is marked as “shipped”. You are now able to find tracking numbers for each case shipped. By clicking the tracking number you can visualize the status of your case throughout the transportation process. If you are still unable to find your tracking number, you should contact the distribution department directly with your inquiry at [email protected].

Distribution department

Do you offer a service for order preparation priority?

We offer a priority preparation service for all our orders received the same day prior to 3pm. Our transporters offer a 24h express service. Additional charges may apply.

Can you prioritize a certain product which is out of stock?

We offer a priority reception service on express orders from our clients which can focus on products which are out of stock. Additional charges may apply.

Planning department

What rework services are offered by KD services?

We offer a multitude of compliance services such as inkjet, changing of sleeves & carton sleeves, blocking, testers & samples & relabeling. To see some examples visit our conformity page.

What production delays can we expect?

We offer flexible services focusing on speed and quality superior than market standards. This enables us to meet short production times. To find out more information about or service or to get a quote, contact our sales department.

Production department

Can this production be automated? If not what are your suggestions to make it automatable?

Several factors contribute to determining the automation feasibility of a project. It will be our pleasure to evaluate the possibility of accommodating an automated production.

Do you offer solution recommendations, related to your packaging programs to correct fabrication anomalies in composites supplied by our clients?

Our production and continuous improvement departments can provide our clients with various recommendations regarding corrective measures which may be applicable.