Since 1995, we have established ourselves among our clients as an integral link of their value chain. Logistics provider (3PL – Contract Packaging) operating in the consumer products market, we are specialist in the field of Health & Beauty. 

The founding principles that guides our mission and our corporate vision

The founding principles that guides our mission and our corporate vision

The relationship put forward with our partners is built on two driving axes: Humility and Trust. These two axes form the basis of our continuous improvement program offered to all actors of our “ecosystem” (suppliers, KD, clients). Thanks to this program, more than 200 continuous improvement projects have been deployed in the last 3 years, including the implementation of performance indicators available in real time on our web portal, which is essential for maintaining and improving our value chain’s performance.

The mission of KD Services is at the center of 3 founding principles :

  • To provide the highest level of customer service and quality control necessary to manage the activities of our clients
  • To use innovation as a catalyst to create and maintain operational flexibility and speed to surpass market expectations
  • To provide full supply chain coverage in the form of turnkey projects

KD Services’ Vision :

  • To be the Canadian leader in health and beauty contract packaging and fulfillment services;
  • To invest in trusting relationships with our partners and to create value through a philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement
  • To be committed to engaging responsibly with our employees through a culture of respect, sharing, a sense of well-being and development of core competencies;
  • To ensure our sustainability stemming from the excellence and quality of our solutions which are distinguished by our passion