About us

A history of trust, a vision of growth

For more than 20 years, KD Services has established itself among its customers as an integral link of their value chain. Logistics provider (3PL – Contract Packaging) operating in the consumer products market, KD is a specialist in the field of Health & Beauty.

The relationship put forward with our partners is built on two driving axis: Humility and Trust. These two axis form the basis of our continuous improvement program offered to all actors of our “ecosystem” (suppliers, KD, customers). Thanks to this program, more than 200 continuous improvement projects have been deployed in the last 3 years, including the implementation of performance indicators available in real time on our web portal, which is essential for maintaining and improving our value chain’s performance.

The mission of KD Services is at the center of 3 founding principles:

  • To provide the highest level of customer service and quality control necessary to manage the activities of our customers
  • To use innovation as a catalyst to create and maintain operational flexibility and speed to surpass market expectations
  • To provide full supply chain coverage in the form of turnkey projects


KD Services focuses on creating an environment that respects and listens to all stakeholders throughout its value chain. Employees, customers, suppliers and partners all share a basic principle: the development of a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding!

The 4 shared values in our environment are: PASSION, RESPECT, TRUST and QUALITY.


KD Services is committed to providing its customers with flexible services tailored to their needs, while maintaining procedures that permit the achievement of an exceptional quality of service.

A philosophy of continuous improvement is inherent in all aspects of our business. KD Services is committed to identifying new ways to better fulfill the requirements of its customers.

KD Services is committed to the development and implementation of key performance indicators, providing management with the tools needed to track quality objectives, as well as facilitate the control of operations.

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