KD Services focuses on creating an environment that respects and listens to all stakeholders throughout its value chain. Employees, customers, suppliers and partners all share a basic principle: the development of a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. 

The 4 primary values shared and that are at the heart of our environment are: passion, respect, quality & trust.


Our passion is at the root of our motivation to go beyond ourselves and to always look for improvements for ourselves and all the members of our value chain. We are passionate about what we do, which leads us to constantly rediscover who want to become (mission) and redefine where we are going (vision).


Our value of respect is propagated as much in a vision of respect for oneself and others as through respect for life in the community. The collective welfare and harmony within our ecosystem are essential to maintain a relationship of humility and mutual trust.


Quality is not only one of our values but also one of our pillars on which our business objectives are founded. At the heart of our accomplishments, we seek to create a long-lasting and quality relationship, through a high-quality service offering for quality products.


Trust is one of the most powerful forms of motivation and inspiration. Our main task as thought leaders is to inspire trust in order to unleash the creativity and the ability of all players contributing to our ecosystem to give the best of themselves. When trust is established, it then becomes possible to consider both the improvement of quality while increasing the processes’ speed and flexibility without affecting cost. Trust brings happiness in relationships, results at work and faith in life.

“Trust dividends: added value, increased growth, multiplied innovations, improved quality of collaborations, stronger partnerships, better execution, reinforced loyalty.”

Stephen M.R. Covey