“What matters is not how well each process works individually but how well they work together”

Our facilities total over 150,000 square feet divided into two major areas: Production / Distribution.

Experienced in these two logistics segments, our expertise has allowed us to develop and implement optimized processes enabling us to answer our business partner’s requirements.Our facility is totally secure and is under closed camera surveillance (CCTV) 24 hours a day.

KD Services strives to provide exceptional service for various packaging and labelling, repackaging, compliance, warehouse and distribution needs. Contact us to learn more.



The reception of product is an important focus of our operations. Recognizing that each component integrating our facility will be used in a production process or stored for future shipment, we assign a high priority to being accurate throughout this process.

We receive over 35,000 pallets annually totaling over 40 million units of components yearly. Strict quality control (lot number, expiration date, quantity, quarantine, etc..) using radio frequency technology is performed on each of our receipt orders to ensure traceability of products from their entry in our facility until their shipment.

Quality Assurance

We have in place strict procedures and processes overseen and maintained by our quality assurance department. This approach allows us to attain the highest levels of quality required by our customers.

The products are controlled upon receipt, quarantined automatically by our WMS if required and followed throughout their life cycle within our environment.

Our site licenses, issued by Health Canada, allow us to store and handle products with active ingredients and natural health ingredients. In addition, all of our resources are trained on our quality system ensuring once again our commitment to meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Inventory management

We currently manage over 50,000 square feet of warehousing totaling more than 4,000 storage positions. This space is made up of different types of locations such as shelving, hand stack, single deep and double deep in order to accommodate all the different requirements our customers may have.

Moreover, thanks to our warehouse management system (WMS) and use of radio frequency technology, we maintain a level of inventory accuracy above 99.8%.

We are also able to offer real time visibility of inventory through our WMS to our clients wishing to benefit from this service.


Our production areas totaling over 30,000 square feet allow us to treat more than 10,000 different production cycles annually (average of 40 different productions per day).

Operating on 2 shifts, we are able to offer greater flexibility to our customers ensuring our capacity to meet the strictest of timelines.

Our facility enables us to produce over 25 million units of finished goods (using 40 million components) annually. This includes production cycles of as little as tens of units to several hundreds of thousands of units.

Order Picking

We are experts in unit, case and pallet picking processes. Thanks to our information system we are able to optimize unit picking and packing to match our customers expectations.

We also maintain a strict quality control in picking process and offer our customers the ability to control lot number and expiration date on each pick.

Furthermore, being GTIN / GS1 certified we are also able to issue EDI messages to facilitate the receipt for our customers and their sales outlets.

Planning & Sampling

With over 10,000 productions launched annually we continue to meet our clients deadline expectations at a rate of 100%. To do so, we have developed and are maintaining a highly effective production planning system.

To accomplish this, we have an entire team dedicated to planning, scheduling and meeting the complex delivery requirements requested by our customers. A pre-production sampling process is also in place to ensure the conformity of the finished unit before production is launched.

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