Licence & Certifications

Licence & Certifications

We have always understood that the quality of services offered is vital to our business partners. Our packaging and assembly, bottle filling, compliance and labelling services are often the last added value event applied to the product prior to going to market.

During the execution of our Packaging / Compliance / Labelling activities, respect for our client’s brand is a clear priority for all our teams!

In order to achieve and maintain our quality objectives, KD Services has developed processes and methods that are supported and monitored by our quality control department. These procedures are directly in line with international principles ISO 9001: 2008 and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulated by Health Canada.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for the establishment, management and guarantee of quality processes. It prescribes systematic control of activities to ensure compliance with the needs and expectations of customers. This standard promotes a philosophy centered on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is that part of quality assurance which ensures that manufactured products are controlled based on the highest quality standards. GMP covers all aspects of the manufacturing process: definition, validation, environment, training, written procedures and instructions, documentation and full traceability of the product in case of a recall or investigation.

GS1 is an organization that disseminates international standards of identification and communication between partners in trade and industry (codification of places and objects, bar code, radio frequency tags, EDI message etc.)

SMETA is one of the most widely used social audit procedures in the world. It provides a globally-recognized way to assess responsible supply chain activities, including labour rights, health & safety the environment and business ethics.

ICI ON RECYCLE is a government based program established by RECY-QUEBEC with the intent to recognize companies that focus and promote environmental awareness by minimizing and reducing waste within their facilities.

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